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Give life-changing gifts that work together to transform the lives of moms, dads, and children in the world's poorest places.

person holding out a part of a beehive

Honey Provides a Sweet Income!


Give bees, training, and a honey extractor to a farmer, enabling them to harvest honey which they can sell for income.

man holding five small fish in his hands

Stock a Fish Pond


By stocking a fish pond you can help a fisherman earn an income, send his children to school, and save for the future.

woman sitting behind a sewing machine on a table

Job Skills to Last a Lifetime


Your gift equips boys and girls with practical job skills such as sewing, cooking, and motorbike repair work.

boy in a white shirt riding a bicycle

Give a Kid a Bike


Your gift of a bicycle will help a child get to and from school safely.

boy with hearing aids writing on a chalkboard

Help a Deaf Child Thrive


Your gift will provide hearing aids and specialized education for a hearing-impaired child.

a woman with a cross necklace walking by a tree

One Village Transformed


Your gift will transform the lives of families in the village of Lestage, breaking the cycle of poverty and bringing lasting change.

a person's feet using a treadle pump to water crops

Treadle Pump


Your gift moves water from underground sources to help a farmer irrigate their crops.

A rickshaw enables a dad to earn an income for years to come.

A Rickshaw for Income


Find out how you can give a rickshaw to a dad in Bangladesh that will enable him to begin his own business.

Your Gift Multiplies 2X!
a girl sitting in front of a rainwater collection tank

Rainwater Harvesting

From $490

Provide a sustainable source of clean water in drought-affected areas that can store rainwater long-term.

man standing in a pond throwing out a fishing net

Equip A Fisherman


You can give a fisherman everything he needs to start his own business.

a little boy in a white shirt sitting in an empty classroom

Furnish a Classroom


You can provide new desks, chalkboards, and much more to help students succeed in school.

boy in a school uniform standing in front of a village classroom

Build a Village Classroom


Your gift will provide young students a place to learn, escape poverty, and one day give back to their village.