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Give life-changing gifts that work together to transform the lives of moms, dads, and children in the world's poorest places.

woman sitting behind a sewing machine on a table

Job Skills


Your gift equips boys and girls with practical job skills such as sewing, cooking, and motorbike repair work.

Your Gift Multiplies 2X!
boy with hearing aids writing on a chalkboard

Hearing Aids & Education


Your gift will provide hearing aids and specialized education for a hearing-impaired child.

A rickshaw enables a dad to earn an income for years to come.



Find out how you can give a rickshaw to a dad in Bangladesh that will enable him to begin his own business.

a woman in a brown sweatshirt holding up a bag of banana chips

Small Business Loan


You can help a mom or dad in poverty start their own business, enabling them to provide food for their family and send their children to school.

a girl sitting in front of a rainwater collection tank

Rainwater Collection System


Provide a sustainable source of clean water in drought-affected areas that can store rainwater long-term.

a little boy in a white shirt sitting in an empty classroom

Furnish a Classroom


You can provide new desks, chalkboards, and much more to help students succeed in school.

boy in a school uniform standing in front of a village classroom

Village Classroom


Your gift will provide young students a place to learn, escape poverty, and one day give back to their village.

Your Gift Multiplies 2X!
two men looking down and reading a Bible

Build a Church


You will transform someone's life and generations to come with your gift of a Bible.

a woman sitting next to a cow

Share of a Cow


Give a share of a dairy cow to provide milk, cheese, and cream to a hungry family in need.

girl in a gray dress holding a small chicken

Complete Chicken Package


Give chickens to a family that will provide eggs for a family to eat and sell for basic necessities.

woman holding a duckling

Complete Duck Package


You can give ducklings, a coop, and feed to a family in poverty, providing nutritious eggs for the family and extra income.

smiling girl bending over running well water

Share of a Village Well


You can provide a well for an entire village, meeting a community's most basic needs for clean water.

Girl holding a goat in front of a village road

Complete Goat Package


Your gift of a complete goat package includes a goat plus training in animal care, vaccinations, and a goat pen.

Your Gift Multiplies 2X!
Hygiene Kit

Hygiene Kit


Your gift will provide family's living in war zones with hygiene kits to help fight off disease and stay clean.

Your Gift Multiplies 2X!
Savings Group Kit

Savings Group Kit


Your gift gives a new village savings group everything they need to start saving and borrowing for business or family needs.

Your Gift Multiplies 2X!
Empower an Evangelist

Empower an Evangelist


You can empower an evangelist to share the gospel with people who live beyond the border of his or her village.