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How Your Gift Helps

It’s a simple, cost-effective solution to a problem many families in the world’s poorest places face very day – access to clean water. Without clean water, children often fall ill from waterborne diseases and cannot go to school.

But a water filter is able to remove 99% of the germs, bacteria, and parasites from the water. It’s safe to drink from the moment it comes out of the tap! Water filters are also built to last which means a future of drinking healthy, safe water for a family!

Peter's Story

Peter was suffering from sickness caused by drinking dirty water. It was brown and filled with specks of dirt. Peter knew it would make him sick but it was the only water available to drink.

Diarrhea and other waterborne diseases were common for Peter and his family. Because of this they weren’t able to go to school or harvest the crops – Peter was worried.

Then one day, Peter and his family received a water filter which made their drinking water pure and clean. The bacteria and germs that were making Peter’s family sick were removed by the filter which means they no longer suffer from sickness. Peter and his family have a new chance at life, all thanks to a water filter!