Gifts That Go Well Together

How Your Gift Helps

This gift is much more than a goat. Not only are you providing nutrition for a family from the goat’s milk, but income when the family is able to sell the extra milk.

With the extra income, children can afford to go to school and parents can put food on the table.

Plus, goats are able to reproduce quickly, which means offspring are plentiful. The first baby goat is given to a neighbor in need, but the others can either be kept by the family or sold.

The impact of a single goat makes a profound difference not only for the future of a child and their family, but the community as well. With your gift, you’re helping break the cycle of poverty. Just imagine what two goats can do!

Sweety's Story

There’s never been a more critical moment to help a needy family — and you can do it now with 2x impact! When you give goats, water filters, or empower an evangelist, your gift will be doubled today!

I warmly invite you to give one of these vital gifts this #GivingTuesday and be part of an incredible day ... a day of giving to others, in the spirit of the Christmas season.

I think of 16-year-old Sweety. Her parents were desperately poor. They couldn’t afford to feed Sweety and her two young siblings — education was a luxury — school was out of the question.

Sweety knew that soon she’d be married off, to help ease the family’s burden.

“Our financial condition was so bad that I was always thinking, how will we survive?” said Sweety’s father, Kanu.

Then a friend like you gave Sweety a goat — and it changed her family’s life! Suddenly, they had nutritious milk ... and Sweety sold two of her goat’s offspring to help pay for school.

Today, Sweety is in the 9th grade. She loves school, and dreams of becoming a police officer when she graduates, so she can “serve the poor and helpless people” in her community.

It all began with the gift of a goat — and the compassion of a friend like you.

Your #GivingTuesday gift will make a profound difference for another family like Sweety’s. And it will be doubled in impact.

But time is running out. The 2x #GivingTuesday Challenge ends at midnight. Please don’t delay!