Gifts That Go Well Together

How Your Gift Helps

This gift is much more than a goat. Not only are you providing nutrition for a family from the goat’s milk, but income when the family is able to sell the extra milk.

With the extra income, children can afford to go to school and parents can put food on the table.

Plus, goats are able to reproduce quickly, which means offspring are plentiful. The first baby goat is given to a neighbor in need, but the others can either be kept by the family or sold.

The impact of a single goat makes a profound difference not only for the future of a child and their family, but the community as well. With your gift, you’re helping break the cycle of poverty. Just imagine what two goats can do!

Omar's Story

Omar wasn’t sure what his future would look like. It was hard enough to think about the next day. Where he would find milk to drink, food to eat, and if tomorrow would be the day he could go back to school.

Omar and his family didn’t have many resources. His father and mother did their best to support Omar and his siblings, but more often than not there was no food to eat for dinner. And since they couldn’t afford his school fees, Omar stayed home, even though he liked going to school.

Then one day, something changed. Omar received a gift – a goat!

From the moment he took the rope into his own hands, Omar could feel how important his goat was. Right away Omar’s goat began to produce milk for his family to drink. Now he did not have to ask his neighbors for milk! A few months later, Omar began breeding his goat. Not long after, instead of one goat, Omar had plenty of baby goats! Some he kept but others he sold at the market.

Omar was excited. With the money from his goat, he could go to school again!

Today, Omar doesn’t think about where he will find milk to drink, food to eat, or if he can go to school. Instead, Omar’s thinking about where he will go and who he will be. He and his mother, father, and brothers are looking to the future not with fear, but full of hope!