How It Works

What if your gifts made a real difference this year?

Your gift meets critical needs with tangible solutions for families living in some of the world’s most challenging places.

Choose a Gift

Select a meaningful gift in honor of a friend or loved one.

Give a Card

Write a note and send a card that tells your friend or loved one about the impact of their gift.

Change a Life!

Each gift transforms the life of someone in poverty.

Your Gift Will Transform Lives

Watch how gifts from the Global Gift Guide change lives around the world.

Your gifts will transform lives, like this girl who is in school because of you.

Gifts Transform Lives

Transformation begins with a gift – your gift. Whether a child or family receives a goat, education, or a latrine, it’s a gift that changes lives. You’ll be helping a family in a tangible way not only for a moment, but for years to come!

World Concern goes to the end of the road to serve those who need it most.

Why World Concern?

World Concern is about extremes. We go to the end of the road to serve people in extreme need because we have an extreme calling—to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a broken world. We follow Him to the thirsty. The hungry. Exploited. Traumatized. Forgotten. We Listen. Walk alongside. Equip and train.

We see transformation in communities as families move beyond survival. The thirsty drink clean water, the hungry have food, children learn, the enslaved are free, the hopeless find peace with God.

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Make a tangible difference in the life of a mom, dad, or child in poverty. 

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