Health & Water

Health & Water

Safe, disease-free water is our most basic necessity and is vital to survive and be healthy. Your gift of water, hygiene, and medicine will save lives and protect families from disease and sickness.

Water Filter

Water Filter


Your gift of a water filter will provide clean water for a family in poverty.

44-Cent Cure for 100 Children

44-Cent Cure for 100 Children


You can cure children from painful stomach parasites for less than the cost of a postage stamp.

A child drinks life saving fortified soup.

Emergency Nutrition


Nourish a child back to health with a 3-month supply of emergency nutrition packets.

two children sitting under a mosquito net

Malaria Shield


Give a treated mosquito net to a family to keep them safe from contracting malaria.

A young mom and her baby with basic hygiene supplies.

New Mom Hygiene Kit


Your gift will help many new moms and their infants crucial necessities like bottles and diapers and much more.

A woman stands in front a latrine with a bucket.



Learn why latrines are life-saving in poor communities and how you can help fight the spread of disease with your gift.

A woman smiles as she draws clean water from a well!



You can provide a well for an entire village, meeting a community's most basic needs for clean water.

Handwashing Station & Soap

Handwashing Station & Soap


You will prevent the spread of disease and keep entire villages healthy with soap and handwashing stations.

a girl sitting in front of a rainwater collection tank

Rainwater Collection System Share


You can give one-tenth of a system and, as your support is combined with others, you’ll provide a village with safe water.

Rainwater Collection System

Rainwater Collection System


Provide a sustainable source of clean water in drought-affected areas that can store rainwater long-term.