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Give life-changing gifts that work together to transform the lives of moms, dads, and children in the world's poorest places.

44-Cent Cure for 100 Children

44-Cent Cure for 100 Children


You can cure children from painful stomach parasites for less than the cost of a postage stamp.

Barnyard Bundle

Barnyard Bundle


Your gift of a cow, a goat, and ducklings provides eggs, milk, and income to a family.

A young man reads a bible.



You will transform someone's life and generations to come with your gift of a Bible.

Christopher sits on his bike which allows him to go out and preach in his community.

Bicycle for an Evangelist


Your gift of a bicycle will allow an enthusiastic evangelist to travel outside his or her village to share the gospel.

Build a Church

Build a Church


You will give a village congregation a place to call home where they can meet all year long.

boy in a school uniform standing in front of a village classroom

Build a Classroom


Your gift will provide young students a place to learn, escape poverty, and one day give back to their village.

Business Start-Up Kit

Business Start-Up Kit


Give a loan and equipment to an entrepreneurial man or woman so they can earn an income to support their family.

A girl holds a chicken.



Give chickens to a family that will provide eggs for a family to eat and sell for basic necessities.




Give a family in poverty a dairy cow, which will provide fresh milk and income for the entire family.

A woman feeds her ducks.



You can give ducklings to a family in poverty, providing nutritious eggs for the family and extra income.

A child drinks life saving fortified soup.

Emergency Nutrition


Nourish a child back to health with a 3-month supply of emergency nutrition packets.

Empower an Evangelist

Empower an Evangelist


You can empower an evangelist to share the gospel with people who live beyond the border of his or her village.

Equip a Pastor

Equip a Pastor


Give a pastor or small, rural church Bibles, discipleship training, and Sunday school supplies.

Farmer Start-Up Kit

Farmer Start-Up Kit


Give a farmer everything they need to become self-sustaining and provide for their family.

Fishing Kit

Fishing Kit


Equip a fisherman with nets, hooks, training, and tips on drying and smoking fish .

A farmer harvests fruit from his fruit tree.

Fruit Trees


You can give a struggling farmer fruit trees that will help provide food for his family and a steady income.

a little boy in a white shirt sitting in an empty classroom

Furnish a Classroom


You can provide new desks, chalkboards, and much more to help students succeed in school.




Your gift of a goat will provide a child with healthy nutrition and income to go to school.

Handwashing Station & Soap

Handwashing Station & Soap


You will prevent the spread of disease and keep entire villages healthy with soap and handwashing stations.

A man smiles as he stands in front of his honey bees!

Honey Bees


Give bees, training, and a honey extractor to a farmer, enabling them to harvest honey which they can sell for income.

Job Skills

Job Skills


Your gift equips boys and girls with practical job skills such as sewing, cooking, and motorbike repair work.

A woman stands in front a latrine with a bucket.



Learn why latrines are life-saving in poor communities and how you can help fight the spread of disease with your gift.