Your gift of an animal will bless a family with nutrition, sustainable income for school fees, medical care, and other vital necessities—plus bring lasting hope for a brighter future.



Your gift of a goat will provide a child with healthy nutrition and income to go to school.

A girl holds a chicken.



Give chickens to a family that will provide eggs for a family to eat and sell for basic necessities.

A woman feeds her ducks.



You can give ducklings to a family in poverty, providing nutritious eggs for the family and extra income.




Your gift of a sheep will provide fresh milk for a family and vaccinations to keep the sheep healthy.

A man smiles as he stands in front of his honey bees!

Honey Bees


Give bees, training, and a honey extractor to a farmer, enabling them to harvest honey which they can sell for income.

a woman sitting next to a cow



Give a family in poverty a dairy cow, which will provide fresh milk and income for the entire family.

A woman milks her dairy cow to provide nutrition and income for her family.

Barnyard Bundle


Your gift of a cow, a goat, and ducklings provides eggs, milk, and income to a family.