Gifts Over $500

Give life-changing gifts that work together to transform the lives of moms, dads, and children in the world's poorest places.

A woman milks her dairy cow to provide nutrition and income for her family.

Barnyard Bundle


Your gift of a cow, a goat, and ducklings provides eggs, milk, and income to a family.

Rainwater Collection System

Rainwater Collection System


Provide a sustainable source of clean water in drought-affected areas that can store rainwater long-term.

A woman smiles as she draws clean water from a well!



You can provide a well for an entire village, meeting a community's most basic needs for clean water.

A young girl smiles as she stands in front of her classroom.

Build a Classroom


Your gift will provide young students a place to learn, escape poverty, and one day give back to their village.

Build a Church

Build a Church


You will give a village congregation a place to call home where they can meet all year long.