Gifts That Go Well Together

How Your Gift Helps

In places like Laos and Sri Lanka, children are often vulnerable to dangerous trafficking situations. This gift is part of the S.O.S. initiative, which seeks out these children and stops the threat before another little one is taken.

As part of the S.O.S. initiative, you’re also providing:

  • Children’s clubs where children can safely gather and learn about the dangers of trafficking
  • Safe places for children rescued from trafficking or abuse
  • A community hotline that operates 24/7

Your gift makes it possible to protect children and empower them in a fun, creative way. It’s one of the most powerful ways to prevent trafficking and keep a child safe for the future!

Amita's Story

10 year-old Amita planned to leave her village to find work in the capital city. She didn’t know the danger that was waiting for her.

But before she left, Amita attended a Children’s Club meeting and learned about the dangers of trafficking.

“If I had not seen the video in the club that day, I would have been in [the capital city] and my condition would have been like the children in the video,” Amita said. “I could protect myself from that just because I attend the club.”

Today, Amita lives at home and helps warn other children about the danger of trafficking, keeping them safe, too!