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Malaria is a deadly, but treatable disease. But for families in impoverished, rural villages, many have not yet heard about the connection between mosquitoes and malaria.

A mosquito net is critical for a family in places like rural Myanmar where malaria-carrying mosquitoes are prevalent. Mosquitoes are also most active at night, leaving children and their families vulnerable to bites.

These nets keep out the mosquitoes and are treated with an insecticide solution. This solution stays on the nets for a long time, ensuring the family is safe from malaria for years to come.

Daw's Story

Daw lost her mother, father, and siblings to malaria.

She saw people in her village continuing to get sick, but did not know what to do.

But one day, her village was taught how to protect themselves from diseases like malaria with mosquito nets. As she watched her friends and neighbors begin to recover, Daw regained the hope she had lost.

Now, Daw teaches the younger generations in her village how to guard against malaria.