Gifts That Go Well Together

Faheem's Story

When the drought went on too long, the crops dwindled and the livestock died in the village in South Sudan where Faheem and his family live. That meant there was no food for his children to eat.

And there was no food to borrow from his family or neighbors, either. They were all hungry and Faheem didn’t know how he would feed his growing family.

Then World Concern taught farmers and herdsmen like Faheem how to fish. Your gift through the Global Gift Guide provided training, equipment, and materials. Men and women learned how to make and repair nets, carve out boats, and catch fish. And they learned how to preserve the fish so it lasts all year round.

The fish provide a consistent source of food for families, and also a means for income. With the income, parents are able to send their children to school so they have a brighter future.