Gifts That Go Well Together

How Your Gift Helps

In the world’s poorest places, it’s not often someone has read, or even held, a copy of the Bible.

A Bible unlocks the door for spiritual transformation in a community and so much more! Bibles can be used in literacy classes, to bring community members together for a Bible study, and preaching at the local church.

When someone hears about God’s love for the first time and accepts His gift of salvation, they follow Jesus’s example and care for their community in a new, transformative way.

Paul's Story

Paul shepherds a small congregation in the urban slums of Nairobi, and has been blind from birth. Without the ability to see the text on a page, Paul relied on others to read Scripture to him.

But one day, Paul’s life changed in the most unexpected way. Paul could not contain his joy when he was presented with the gift of a special braille Bible. Singing praises to the Lord, Paul ran his fingers over the pages and began to read.

Now able to read and understand Scripture for himself, Paul’s life is not the only one completely transformed. Paul explained, “Because now I can do as the Lord wills, people, many people, came to know Christ.”