Give a Unique Gift this Christmas

Are you looking for something different to give this Christmas—a gift your loved ones will never forget?

This year, you can give gifts that aren’t just unique, but also meet critical needs for families living in poverty.

Gifts from the Global Gift Guide have the power to change lives. Whether it’s a goat, water filter, or a year of education, your gift can impact a child or family for generations to come!

Unique Gift Ideas

Check out some of these unique and meaningful Christmas gift ideas you can give this year.

Choose a gift. Send a card. Change a life!

A young girl in Bangladesh sits in class with her peers alert and engaged in learning

A Year of Education


You can provide a scholarship for a child in poverty to attend school for an entire year.

Evangelists pray over bicycles to help them spread the Good News

Bicycle for an Evangelist


Your gift of a bicycle will allow an enthusiastic evangelist to travel outside his or her village to share the gospel.

A boy holds his chicks which will provide eggs for little ones to eat, and extra eggs can be sold to purchase more food for the entire family.



Give chickens to a family that will provide eggs for a family to eat and sell for basic necessities.

girl in a gray dress holding a small chicken

Complete Chicken Package


Give chickens to a family that will provide eggs for a family to eat and sell for basic necessities.

A goat will change a child's life!

Complete Goat Package


Your gift of a complete goat package includes a goat plus training in animal care, vaccinations, and a goat pen.

A kid holding his kid goat.



Your gift of a goat will provide a child with healthy nutrition and income to go to school.

A happy boy drinks clean water from his water filter.

Household Water Filter


You can give a family in poverty a water filter that will remove dirt and bacteria, ensuring they are healthy and free from waterborne diseases.

A girl stands in front of her latrine.



Learn why latrines are life-saving in poor communities and how you can help fight the spread of disease with your gift.

A mother and her baby sit underneath a mosquito net.

Malaria Shield


Give a treated mosquito net to a family to keep them safe from contracting malaria.

smiling girl bending over running well water

Share of a Village Well


You can provide a well for an entire village, meeting a community's most basic needs for clean water.

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