Your perfect gift is . . . a Bible!

Give a Bible!

Have you ever been in a room that’s completely dark, without a shred of light to guide your way?

All of a sudden your fears grow bigger, your mind starts racing, and you imagine things that aren’t there. You know these things aren’t true, but without a guiding light, you don’t know where to turn.

It’s only when light breaks through the darkness can you find your way out.

In the Gospel of John, we read about Jesus as the Light of the World, the one who breaks through the darkness to offer His free gift of salvation. 

But for those who live beyond the end of the road, the less likely it is that someone has read or heard about God’s saving grace. Many are living in spiritual darkness, not knowing there’s a God who loves them and desires to bring them into the light of His grace.

Your gift can shine God’s true light and transform their lives.

This Christmas, you can give copies of the Bible to reach families living beyond the end of the road in honor of a friend or loved one. When one person is able to read and accept God’s great love for them, she begins to follow Jesus’s example and care for her family in a new, transformative way. Then, when others take notice, she’s able to be a light for Christ tell them the good news of the gospel. In unreached places, a Bible can touch hearts and lives, creating a ripple effect that transforms entire communities. 

Now that you’ve discovered your perfect gift of the Bible, would you give a Bible this Christmas?

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