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Give life-changing gifts that work together to transform the lives of moms, dads, and children in the world's poorest places.

Your Gift Multiplies 2X!
a boy holding a book walking in front of a group of children

One Year of Education


You can provide a scholarship for a child in poverty to attend school for an entire year.

Your Gift Multiplies 2X!
a woman's hands on a little girl's shoulders

Protect a Child from Trafficking


You can protect a child from trafficking by providing training that will teach them how to identify a trafficker's lies and stay safe.

Your Gift Multiplies 2X!
a girl sitting in front of a rainwater collection tank

Rainwater Harvesting

From $490

Provide a sustainable source of clean water in drought-affected areas that can store rainwater long-term.

a girl in school writing in a notebook with a pencil

School Supplies for a Child


You can give a child a new backpack, books, and much more to help prepare them for success in school.

two women looking down at a sewing machine

Sewing Machine


Your gift of a sewing machine will help a mom earn her own income and provide for her family.

a smiling boy holding a young sheep

Shareable Sheep


Your gift of a sheep will provide fresh milk for a family and vaccinations to keep the sheep healthy.

a smiling woman holding a solar audio bible

Solar Audio Bible


Your gift presents the Gospel to those who cannot read in their own language.

man holding five small fish in his hands

Stock a Fish Pond


By stocking a fish pond you can help a fisherman earn an income, send his children to school, and save for the future.

Tippy Tap Hand Washer

Tippy Tap Hand Washer


Your gift provides running water for a community to wash their hands and hygiene training.

a person's feet using a treadle pump to water crops

Treadle Pump


Your gift moves water from underground sources to help a farmer irrigate their crops.

people using shovels to prepare soil for a vegetable garden

Vegetable Garden


Your gift enables a family in poverty to feed themselves and sell the extra vegetables for income.