For a young child to grow and thrive, it’s important to stay healthy. Your gift will make sure children in the world’s poorest, most remote places are equipped with preventative hygiene and health for the future.

44-Cent Cure

From $44

You can cure children from painful stomach parasites for less than the cost of a postage stamp.

Your Gift Multiplies 2X!
a little girl eating an emergency nutrition packet

Emergency Nutrition for a Child


Nourish a child back to health with a 3-month supply of emergency nutrition packets.

two children sitting under a mosquito net

Malaria Shield


Give a treated mosquito net to a family to keep them safe from contracting malaria.

Your Gift Multiplies 2X!
boy in a red shirt standing in front of a latrine

Build a Latrine


Learn why latrines are life-saving in poor communities and how you can help fight the spread of disease with your gift.