Our Most Popular Gifts

Our Most Popular Gifts

Check out some of our most popular gifts that are sure to bring joy to your family and friends!
Girl holding a goat in front of a village road


From $43

Your gift of a goat will provide a child with healthy nutrition and income to go to school.

Your Gift Multiplies 2X!
a boy holding a book walking in front of a group of children

A Year of Education


You can provide a scholarship for a child in poverty to attend school for an entire year.

two men looking down and reading a Bible



You will transform someone's life and generations to come with your gift of a Bible.

girl in a gray dress holding a small chicken


From $30

Give chickens to a family that will provide eggs for a family to eat and sell for basic necessities.

Your Gift Multiplies 2X!
boy standing next to a water filter holding clean water

Household Water Filter


You can give a family in poverty a water filter that will remove dirt and bacteria, ensuring they are healthy and free from waterborne diseases.


44-Cent Cure

From $44

You can cure children from painful stomach parasites for less than the cost of a postage stamp.

Your Gift Multiplies 2X!
a woman's hands on a little girl's shoulders

Protect a Child from Trafficking


You can protect a child from trafficking by providing training that will teach them how to identify a trafficker's lies and stay safe.

a group of boys playing soccer in the sand

Soccer Balls


You can give a child in poverty a soccer ball which will help teach them important life skills through sports.

Your Gift Multiplies 2X!
a little girl eating an emergency nutrition packet

Emergency Nutrition


Nourish a child back to health with a 3-month supply of emergency nutrition packets.