Your perfect gift is . . . education!

Give the Gift of an Education!

Your perfect gift is . . . Education!

In a country halfway around the world, there’s a little girl with a big, big dream.

With a deep love of learning, she goes to school and sits in the front row, dreaming about the day when she can stand up front and teach students of her own. 

Except there’s one problem. Her parents can’t afford to pay her school feeds next year, which means she can’t go to class and learn. And she’s afraid – the year before one of her friends couldn’t go to school, and her parents gave her friend away in marriage to a much older man. Only eleven-years-old, she lies awake at night, worrying about a scary, unwanted marriage.

This is where your gift can change her life.

This Christmas, your gift in honor of a friend or loved one will send a child in poverty to school for an entire year. Oftentimes children who can’t afford to go to school have to work instead, or in some cases get married off at a young age.

Every child deserves an education and a chance to go to school. Your gift will allow a child to continue her studies, keeping her safe from a much too early marriage. And, by staying in school another year she’ll have a greater chance of continuing her education and helping her family (and community) out of poverty. With your help, a little girl can reach her dreams.

Now that you’ve discovered your perfect gift of education, will you send a child to school this Christmas?

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